You Can Never Cross the Ocean unless you have the Courage to lose sight of the shore.

The Course:

Unless otherwise directed, the paddlers and their crews will depart from the boat ramp at Rye Harbor in Rye, NH and proceed out the channel across 6 miles of open seas to the Isle of Shoals. Upon entering Gosport Harbor, the paddlers will take a 20 minute break, then embark on a return route with an anticipated beach landing at Pirates Cove.

Safety & Support:

Safety is a primary concern for everyone involved with the Stand Up For Littles’ IOS Invitational. To reduce the risk of injury, a chase boat will be assigned to every team to escort them to and from the Isle of Shoals. In accordance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, all paddlers are required to have a portable floatation device (PFD) in their possession that meets or exceeds the State Law of New Hampshire.

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