Chris Carragher


Since I was a kid, I’ve been lucky. I grew up on the beach in Jersey where I’d spend most of my days surfing, skateboarding and hanging out with friends. As the youngest of seven kids, I always had someone to turn to when I needed help, and my father was, and still is, the greatest mentor I’ll ever know.

As an adult, I’ve enjoyed a successful career as a brand manager, married a phenomenal woman (who is also from NJ), and still play every chance I get.

Being that we got married later in life, combined with the fact that my wife is the survivor of three brain aneurysms, the reality of us having a child of our own was impossible. We did entertain adoption for a time, but decided not to go down that road for our own reasons.

When Diane became a board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast new possibilities emerged. After learning about the program, and the difference we could make in the life of a child who just needs some time and guidance, we took our first step and submitted our application.

In a few short weeks we received word that BBBSGS had a match for us – a six-year old boy who lived with his mom.

While its only been a couple of months, I already know that the relationship we share with this young boy will far out last any trip I take, and that our bond will become deeper than any ocean I will cross.

As I look to the horizon, I can’t wait to teach him what I know, learn from him and see the world through his eyes.

In many ways, my Little is doing me a favor. He has awakened the child in me that was left on a beach in Jersey 30 years ago.