Where do you live?
I’ve lived in a few spots in the seacoast, but it’s Portsmouth that I’ve settled into, it’s where I feel at home.

Where do you work?

I am a School Counselor at local elementary school. I always surrounded by kids (my godson Brisbane will be turning 6 very soon; I cannot wait to get him on a board once the water warms up!) and I also strive to get kids excited about other non-traditional sports (i.e. climbing, adaptive sports).

Who is/was the biggest mentor in your life,and what did they teach you?
I cannot say that it is any one person. I am truly lucky to be able to say that my mentors are the friends that I look up to and continue to be amazed by their unyielding support, love, encouragement. They give it to me straight, challenge me and know how to make me laugh when I need it most (even when I don’t even know it).

How long have you been Stand Up Paddle Boarding?

Three years.

Where is your favorite place to paddle?
I do love paddling in the Sagamore Creek, but my longest paddle in the York River was amazing (with fellow paddler, ‘L’) and we found a rope swing! Initially, it seemed a little intimidating sport, but with a little healthy peer pressure from a friend, I fell in love with paddling. One particular afternoon it began to lightly rain when I was on the water, but the sun quickly came out and my board (which is white) started to get a purple hue form all the way around it; such an amazing afternoon!

Why are you paddling to the Shoals for Big Brothers Big Sisters?
BB/BS is such an amazing organization for both the Bigs and the Littles. The fostering of such a positive relationships to so many children across communities across the country is something to be proud of; being a part of something bigger than myself in the community that I live in is heart-warming.

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